September 2006

You can read the entire article over at USA Today ….

For starters, I’m a little confused by the title.  Maybe my high school journalism class didn’t teach me much, but headline and lede writing these days seem to really be suffering.  Oh well.  I’m sure it’s some teacher’s fault somewhere down the line …

So, back to the original question … should teacher’s blog?

I think so. Obviously.


Every class seems to have one.

Every year.

And they reveal themselves every day … sometimes more often.

The “one time…” kid.

It doesn’t matter what subject we’re covering, or even if we’re having a discussion.  Something will get mentioned, read, or discussed and the “one time…” kid has a story.  And the stories typically start with “One time …”

While often related to the current topic of classroom discussion, they’re just as often irrelevant to the other 25 students in the class.

The hand shoots up, and because you encourage questions and discussion, you feel obligated to calll on the student … the problem is that the student usually has another story to share, and their story often reminds another student of their story, and the domino effect is initiated.

It all makes for some seriously frustrating and drawn-out classroom discussions and activities.

One time …

I’ve been teaching for a handful of years now, and every year right around Labor Day it happens.  The honeymoon ends.

It’s too bad it’s over.

It’s one of the most common phrases in the classroom. One of the most articulated answers. One of the most recited responses.

“I don’t know”.

Although it often sounds more like “Ahgnnuh” (I love Jerry Spinelli’s treatment of this in The Library Card, btw).

And today, it’s my response as well.

Can I anonymously blog about my teaching experiences?  Ahgnnuh.

Can I honestly blog about my teaching experiences? Ahgnnuh.

Should I anonymously and honestly blog about my teaching experiences?


But I’ve wanted to for awhile.  I’ve pondered and considered the idea … weighed the pros and cons, and I’m gonna try.  And, maybe one or two of you will read this and take something from it … a laugh, a cry, or some encouragement.