January 2007

In my nearly 10 years of teaching I’ve realized that there are many parents and community members who seem to think that teacher=punching bag, or at the very least that teacher=lower-class citizen.

I think I understand where this line of reasoning originates, but I’m not sure … I’ll write more later, and share some stories too. Meanwhile, have anything to add? Your own ideas about this topic? Or some good stories?


Me: Okay, class, next we’re going to work on our Social Studies activities. Tomorrow we are going over activities 1 and 2 as a group, so make sure you have activities 1 and 2 done before you do anything else. After you finish activities 1 and 2 you can work on any of the other activities you choose.

Student A: But you said we were doing Activities 1 and 2 together?

Me: I said we would go over them together tomorrow. You need to have it done by then so we can go over it together.

Student B: So, if we’re already done, what should we do?

Me: If you’ve already completed Activities 1 and 2, then you go on to the next step from the directions.

Student B: So, if we’re already done, can we do a different activity?

Me: You can answer your own question.

I hate to repeat myself. In fact, I usually don’t. I hate to repeat myself.

It seems that so many students today though are never required to listen to and remember a simple set of directions … they’re constantly bailed out and enabled to be irresponsible. I ALWAYS give every set of directions like that verbally and in writing … you’d think that would hit 99% of the students. The problem, it seems, is that students have a question in their mind BEFORE I finish giving directions, so they never actually get the directions because they’re too focused on their individual question … if they’d just learn to wait, they could get their question answered by themselves nearly every time …

Add one more description to the teacher’s role: Broken Record.