I’ve been teaching for a handful of years now, and every year right around Labor Day it happens.  The honeymoon ends.

It’s too bad it’s over.


It’s one of the most common phrases in the classroom. One of the most articulated answers. One of the most recited responses.

“I don’t know”.

Although it often sounds more like “Ahgnnuh” (I love Jerry Spinelli’s treatment of this in The Library Card, btw).

And today, it’s my response as well.

Can I anonymously blog about my teaching experiences?  Ahgnnuh.

Can I honestly blog about my teaching experiences? Ahgnnuh.

Should I anonymously and honestly blog about my teaching experiences?


But I’ve wanted to for awhile.  I’ve pondered and considered the idea … weighed the pros and cons, and I’m gonna try.  And, maybe one or two of you will read this and take something from it … a laugh, a cry, or some encouragement.